Aklamio Review

What is Aklamio?

Is Aklamio a Scam or a legit Program?
Aklamio is a Cashback- and Affiliate-Program that offers more than 1000 different shopping opportunities with over 10.000 articles.

Aklamioenglischblack.001Name: Aklamio
Website: www.aklamio.com
Price: free membership
Directors: Dr. Robert Wetzker (CEO), Holger Grosse (CTO)
Headquarters: Germany

How can you earn money with Aklamio?

There are tree ways how you can earn money with Aklamio:


  • Cashback on your own purchases
  • Receive a bonus on recommended products
  • Receive a commission on the purchases of referrals

The difference to other cashback-services is that you also get a bonus when you recommend the partner shops of Aklamio to others. Normally you only receive a bonus in kind of a noncash benefit such as a toaster or similar items but Aklamio pays a small percentage of the purchases made due to recommendations in cash, which makes it attractive to pass the opportunity on to other people.

The bonus on sales or recommendations varies from shop to shop. For example, from domainFACTORY you can earn up to € 329,– or from Expedia.de/Expedia.uk you can earn up to 12 % for recommendations or keep it as cashback when shopping yourself.

A great PRO they offer is, that you can choose between 3 different links/shop:

  • Keep bonus as cashback
  • Share bonus
  • Give bonus away

With the “share” bonus or “give away” bonus you can pass on a nice present.

You get access to the affiliate links of the different shops and companies immediately after signing up with Aklamio. There is no need to apply at the companies directly. With a search bar you can filter the categories that interest you the most.

The links look like this:


Two ways of payout are possible:

  • Paypal (the fast way)
  • Bank account

Who is Aklamio for?

Basically, anyone can participate in this program who has online access and either a PayPal-account or bank account and wants to get some money back on their online purchases or wants to earn some money in passing on their link to other people. No personal website or business is necessary. At the moment already 300.000 members/affiliates have signed up.

For shops and providers, it is a good opportunity to make more sales. Over 1000 shops of 5 different countries are already participating. Countries are:

  • Great Britain
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland

What kind of shops offer their products?

All kinds of shops and providers are participating from well-known companies like Booking.com, PayPal, Expedia and Zalando covering a wide range of categories like clothing, travel, electricity, online-providers etc.


What is the Cost of Aklamio?

Participation in the program is absolutely FREE.
It costs you your E-mail-Adress.

How does Aklamio earn its money?

You probably ask: “How do they earn money, if their service is free?”

Aklamio helps to save the affiliate companies a lot of work in managing the administration work that comes with the payment of cashback and bonuses to customers. Aklamio employs some specialized key account managers for that purpose. The affiliated shops and companies can track the recommendations received on an interface and can confirm the bonuses themselves.

For this service, Aklamio is receiving commissions. They also implemented a security system that detects fraud thus decreases the risks that bonus features of shops often carry.

Does Aklamio pay its Affiliates in time?

Several discussions came up with people claiming not having been paid by the company while some said the amount due was not exactly what was promised. In some cases, the issues were settled with the support team but there are also several points to consider when participating in the program.

Aklamio states in its general terms and conditions that a pending reward becomes payable only under the following conditions:

  • The transaction is not rejected, revoked, canceled or rescinded by the Partner, User or Customer or otherwise terminated
  • Full and timely payment of the purchase
  • Acceptance of the ordered goods or services by the Customer or User
  • Any statutory or contractual cancelation or revocation period having elapsed
  • The transaction meets any additional conditions specified in the rewards offer
  • Confirmation of the effectiveness of the transaction by the Partner to Aklamio

Issues might arrive if any of the above criteria is not met.

The Pros vs. Cons of Aklamio


  • Anyone can participate
  • Costs:  Zero
  • Cashback possible
  • Attractive companies participate
  • Growing
  • Downloadable Aklamio Cash bar for Firefox and Google
    Every time when you access a partner shop AklamioCashbar appears on the screen reminding you to claim your bonus.

Aklamio Cashbar2.001


  • Relatively long waiting time to receive commissions
  • Relatively low commissions for purchases of referrals

Can You Get Support From Aklamio?

They set up a Customer Success Team to support people who have issues with receiving their bonuses.

My Final Thoughts on Aklamio

This is definitely a legit company who does a great job in acquiring great companies and giving every average person the opportunity to save some money. Thumbs up! I had no issue at all in receiving the appropriate commissions from the different shops I used and recommended myself. In my case, everything worked out well while there are some complaints from people who seem not to have received their bonuses. It is important to check whether the cookies are set in the browser! So this might have been the issue.

I tried Aklamio with three different shops and had no problem with reception of the bonuses:


It is definitely worth trying out because you have literally nothing to lose as the membership fee is ZERO and it gets you some extra bucks into your pocket as well as saves you some money when buying products online.

Get instant access to Aklamio here>>

The downside is, that the referral commission is relatively low and if you want to earn some more money online you will need to have your own website to promote articles or a program.

If you want to learn how to become a successful internet marketer you can learn that for free here>>.


If you have any questions, comments, or you would like to add your own review of Akliamo, I would love to hear your feedback within the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “Aklamio Review”

  1. good analysis! the only thing that makes me thinking is how the make money? A part of the percentage they give for cashback what is the commission the keep for every user that buys?

    • Hello Fabrizio,

      the way Aklamio earns money is by receiving commissions of the companies in helping them save a lot of work by managing the administration work that comes with the payment of cashback and bonuses to customers. Aklamio employs some specialized key account managers for that purpose.
      I have actually no idea how high their commissions are, but I believe it is quite profitable to them otherwise they won’t do it. And it definitely works well for both sides. The companies save money by outsourcing their administration work and also receive more customers without having to spend much money for advertising. It’s basically done by Aklamio-affiliates or bloggers like me.
      The cashback program won’t make you rich, but it’s nice to get some money back for the purchases you make and if you recommend it to others you receive 10 % of the amount of their bonuses as well without reduction of their bonuses.
      I hope this helps to clarify things a bit?


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