Cash Code Review

Is Cash Code a Scam?

Surfing the Internet a few weeks ago, I ran over a promotion that guaranteed that I would have cash pursuing me and that it works so fast that I would probably not even be able to follow along. Better believe it, it sounded somewhat fantastical to me as well and I was asking myself: Is Cash Code a Scam? In any case, I needed to see what they were offering. So I watched the presentation but could not  really believe what I was hearing because they were making some really crazy claims, like

 “It doesn’t cost you any cash”.

So far I have seen numerous programs of this sort in the past and I was not wrong with this one. They were offering Binary Options Trading.

I decided to check this program out and here is the summary of what I discovered:

Cash Code is simply one more unpleasant scam that guarantees you everything but keeps nothing of what it promises. It is simply one more program that is only there to make the owners rich.

is cash code a scam

Category: Binary Options Program
Creator: Robert Allen
Price: $ 250,– at least (despite the fact that they say it is free)
Overall Rating: 1/100 – SCAM


Cash Code works basically similar to numerous other Binary Options Trading Services such as, Automobile Code, 3 week Millionaire  etc.


How Does the Scam Work?

The greeting page begins off with a video of a man named Robert Allen that lets you know that you simply won the lottery and you will be a multi-millionaire in a couple of months.


Once you are signed in by the guarantee of free boundless money, you find that it does, indeed, take some cash. In order to profit from the free binary options program they offer, you will be advised to utilize one particular broker. As prerequisite to participate you now have to pay $ 250 into your account to set it up.

The purpose behind this is that the broker then pays the referrer (Cash Code) a major commission for acquainting another customer with them. This commission, obviously, will come specifically out of the $ 250 that you are going to lose in your trades.

Incidentally, you will have given a telephone number when you signed up. This telephone number will become an integral factor once your account is exhausted.

Now your telephone number is being passed on to the “sales department”. These are sales representatives who will be calling you again and again trying to put you under pressure. They will offer to take care of your investments for you, all it takes is a higher investment of $ 5,000 to $10,000. If you pay now, you are on the hook because it gets even worse.

If you invest now, the odds of gaining your money back will probably go to ZERO. Many of the binary options brokers are not regulated and in the small print it is indicated that you need to turn over your investment at least 20 times in order to be allowed to take your money out again. This means if you invest $ 5,000 you will need to turn over $ 100.000 in trading before you can get hold of your money again (in case there is anything left after trading).


Read the Small Print

There is a full disclaimer at the bottom of the page. This, obviously, is an government mandated disclaimer.

It begins:

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer – Trading foreign trade on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.

It actually lets you know that you likely shouldn’t do this. On the other hand, you ought to contact a true financial adviser who will more then likely tell you that you should avoid this “business”.

On the business page that I read, there is likewise a second disclaimer that says that the information in the video shown was reenacted and utilized performing artists. Indeed, they are straightforward about that. It additionally says that the trades are mimicked and not genuine as they can’t lawfully indicate real results without overstepping a couple of different laws.

The main issue here is that Binary Options Trading is much the same as internet betting. The money will go to the pockets of the initiators.




Stay away from it, unless you want to lose your money.


Alternative for Binary Options

You may feel that binary options trading is an easy route that will make you some profit on the web in a short time, yet it’s simply one more option for you to lose your well deserved money that stems from hard work.

Quick rich schemes will not get you where you want to go.

There are ways to make money online but it is not done over night or with a few clicks.

I found the best way to earn money legally online is by Affiliate Marketing. When it is done correctly, it can become very lucrative. You even can live of it. It takes some effort and time to build up your online business, but once you start and keep on pursuing your goal to earn residual income online, you will see positive results.

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I hope I could be of help to you with my review. Feel free to leave a comment below.
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