How does making money online work?

Did you try several programs online that didn’t work and bought lots of training material but still haven’t earned a dime?

Do you wonder how all these people can make money online but it seems to be to complicated for you to put it into practice yourself?

Let me show you the steps 2 online success:


Step 1: Build your own website

Your own website is the foundation of earning money online.
Now you might ask yourself:

“I have no business – why should I create a website and what should it be about?” The answer quite simple:

Your website is going to earn you money

Choose an area of your interest (any hobby you have) and build a website around it. It’s the number 1 tool when it comes to build a business online.


Step 2: Build content

You need a website which enables you to attract visitors (get traffic) and give them information they are looking for.

With helping people this way you automatically generate income by promoting articles that you can recommend and help them in their particular situation. It’s a win-win-situation for both sides.
Eventually with lots of visitors you are going to create your own brand which will then lead to a long term business.

Content can be any text, comments or video/audio. Search engines are looking for websites which have a lot of content.


Step 3: Generate traffic to your website

People must SEE your website which basically means that your website has to be visited a lot in order to build a business. The foundation is the content that you offer on your site.  A good Google ranking is necessary as well.

Every step to building your website and get your business going can be easily learned through Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the top 1 platform when it comes to personal support and great learning tools. They even offer a free Starter membership which includes 2 free websites and personal support.

Watch the video below
to get an idea about the training tools that Wealthy Affiliate offers:

how to make money
As you can see, it’s all free for the first 7 days – no strings attached. After 7 days you can choose between continuing the free Starter membership or Premium membership.
If you have any questions, simply drop me a line. It would be great to see you inside the Wealthy Affiliate community.




4 thoughts on “Getting started”

  1. Great Post, do you know which are the best markets to start a business? which could be more profitable, or if I can be successful in any market?

    • Hi Nataly,
      basically it could be any market. Best is to start with a hobby or interest you have. It’s just easier to write about things you are enthusiastic about. That helps a lot. Ellie


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