How to avoid getting scammed on Ebay

Ebay.001EBAY is a great place to snatch a deal – yet it is likewise a playground for fraudsters. You should be cautious.

How to spot a scam on eBay?

Here are 5 approaches to spot them, what you need to look for and how to guarantee your deal doesn’t turn out to be a scam with you losing your money.

Here are top tips to shopping securely on eBay and be safe:

1: The photos

in case that it’s not a real, honest deal, it’s exceptionally likely that the photos of the item won’t be original photos from the vendor.

If so the fraudster will undoubtedly have replicated them from a real eBay merchant or from elsewhere on the web. To check this out, right click on the photo, then pick “copy link address”. Cut and paste this into your web program and check the outcomes.

It will be indicated if there is another eBay dealer utilizing the same picture or if the same products are available to be purchased on another site utilizing the same

However, if they are and the merchants and cost are not the same, it’s a trick.

2: The cost

Despite the fact that eBay is known for good deals, if the price of the item looks too good to be true, it most likely is.

Compare the price of the products available to be purchased to other, similar products available somewhere else on eBay.

In case the prices differ too much to similar products offered, think twice before continuing.

3: Information given

If the deal is a scam, you for the most part find there is little information on the product being sold. So message the merchant and ask more questions and perceive how they react.

A good way of spotting a scam is to request more photos of the article. As fraudsters won’t have them, this will reveal a scam on eBay.

4: Seller’s “positive feedback”

Try not to be tricked by the “positive” rate showed underneath the vendor’s name.

Fraudsters on eBay normally open an account with eBay beforehand and purchase bunches of little articles over a period of time to develop the positive feedback rate. You can check out the feedback by clicking on the dealer’s name.

In case  that you find that it is all from vendors (instead of individuals who have bought from them) it is quite possible that you are dealing with a fraudster. This statement is obviously not fair to all new sellers who are honest.

So I ought to say it is not generally an indication of fraud.

5: Contact

If  the contact details of the vendor are missing, the best advice is to avoid them.

Additionally, keep all communication inside eBay’s messaging system.