Hyper Traffic Machine Review

Hyper Traffic Machine – Is it worth the money?

Find out all about Hyper Traffic Machine within this review. I am going to reveal everything you need to know about this product.

You will know exactly what Hyper Traffic Machine is about, the up-sells you will face, and my final thoughts about it. So please read this review until the end.


hypertraffic machine legitHyper Traffic Machine Review

Product name:
Hyper Traffic Machine
Owner:  Timothy Miranda
Website: hypertrafficmachine.com
Category: Training Program for Facebook Ads
Price: $7 and up-sells
Overall Rating: 8 / 10


What is Hyper Traffic Machine?

Hyper Traffic Machine is a course on how to use paid advertising like Facebook Ads with a small budget and quickly generate high converting traffic.

Timothy Miranda, the owner recommends to start with as little as $5 to generate massive traffic which leads to a higher conversion rate.

Campaign analysis and optimization will also be taught, which is, in my opinion, the most important part of the course.

There are also some tips on maximizing profits with a higher margin. One of them would be to choose a more expensive product to sell. It is obvious that you make more money if you spend ads for $ 5,– to get 1 sale with an item that costs $ 500,– vs. an item that costs $ 50,–.

The item with the higher price will, of course, make you more profit.



As always, there are some advantages and disadvantages of this product. I want to let you know my opinion about it.

Here is what I found out about Hyper Traffic Machine:


  • The course goes into details which enable you to learn step-by-step.
  • In my opinion, paid advertising, in general, is a great way to boost sales and this course can give you some great ideas on how to do so.
  • You are able to start with $ 5,– per day which is not much in general.


  • Don’t expect a fast support time.
  • Using paid advertising is quite challenging. You have to track it properly to guarantee that you are making profits. This can become very expensive in the end, especially if you are a newbie at this! In this case, I don’t recommend this method.


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The Up-sells

It is not unusual that you will be confronted with several up-sells after the initial purchase. I am going to reveal them right here:

Up-sell #1: Case Studies ($ 27,–)

You will receive 3 case studies for the first up-sell where Timothy Miranda reveals campaigns that made him $17,268,– in profit.

Up-sell #2: Hyper Scaling ($ 27,–)

The 2nd up-sell would be showing you

  • how to use look-alike audience for scaling the campaigns
  • leveraging email marketing at the backend
  • dynamic targeting together with some split testing

These up-sells are of course optional. But once you have bought the main course, you might as well want to learn how to apply the advanced techniques.



If you are someone who wants to start right away with Facebook Ads and want to spend some money on paid advertising, Hyper Traffic Machine is a great product.

With this review, I hope you can make an informed decision for yourself and whether it’s worth to spend money this way or not.


Your friend,



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