Secure web hosting server service

If you have an online business or simply a website, you should make sure that you host your website with a secure web hosting server company.

You probably already know that having a  website  domain with a certain extension (net,  com, us, co, org) means that your web name is liable to US laws, regardless of where you are based. The US government made it clear that no domain with such an extension is safe from government seizure, which is the reason why other domain extensions (like de, eu, at, it) which are often used in Europe may be a better choice for your website.

However, the country where you have your site based is likewise critical. In order to find the most secure web hosting provider, you need to search offshore, where hosting providers will not shut down your site for the smallest of infractions including the DMCA or whatever else.

               By Sv, via Wikimedia Commons

The fact is, that the nation your site is based in makes the rules and determines which freedom of the press laws you are liable to. Americans may not realize that the United States are really behind nations like Jamaica and Suriname regarding the freedom of speech, so don’t think the government will  never sue you.

In addition to that, a US court decision from the 1990’s states that the area of your server determines the place of where you must pay your taxes. This decision is still upheld even though it is outdated.

That implies that, regardless of the fact that the owner of the offshore business is an American expat, your business will fall under US tax law if your online business is hosted with a US company instead of a hosting provider offshore.

There are a lot of web host providers outside the U.S. Some are great and some are really not to be recommended at all.

After searching for the best countries to host a website in, we looked for  web hosting providers and VPS services that offered the best services regarding their client’s privacy and anonymity. Then we finished the research by comparing technical specifications.

Below you will find the best web host providers when it comes to privacy and security:


Orange Website

Orange Website is my personally favorite web host service for FREE SPEECH.


Orangewebsite logo.001Ranking: 5/5   



It offers

–  shared hosting (starts at € 3,40)>>
–  VPS>>
–  dedicated servers

The only main box it doesn’t tick is cost; it costs a little more, but if you own a serious website, it’s worth the slightly higher price as there are several reasons that justify it (see below).

The BIG advantage of Orange Website is that the server is based in Iceland – outside of the EU and of course the U.S.A. Orange Website has recently become very popular for web hosting because of its outstanding service concerning privacy and security.

                                         By Atoine85 (Own work), Wikimedia Commons

ICELAND – a country, quite small, in the high north between Europe and the US, went its own way and made it’s own decisions after being shocked by the global financial crisis. The population – descendants of the brave Wikings – stood up, took their fate into their own hands and by their own force and wise decisions made their way out of the financial crisis into an independent prospering economy.

                            By Алексей Гоманков (Own work), Wikimedia Commons

With going their own way, deciding their own fate, they had the guts to stand up against the EU and did what they felt was the right thing to do. They are not a member of the EU but developed a completely independent voice concerning data privacy and freedom of the press.

Orange Website is only based in Iceland which means there are no US or EU ties which give them a clear advantage to other services who might be influenced by those governments.

Because of these reasons I believe Iceland is the best place to host a website.

The owner of Orange Website and his team are against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) and have an incredible reputation for protecting their customers against accusations. Orange Website does not hand over any information on their customers without an Icelandic court request which means that courts around the world first would need to get a judge in Iceland to concur with them.

A really great thing about Orange Website is that their customer service is really situated in Iceland, 24/7/365. They don’t sub it out to India to spare a couple bucks, which may legitimize the marginally higher price all by itself. They additionally keep very good equipment and upgrade it as vital. Also, they are totally “green”.

Orange Website accepts any method of payment but actually likes payment by BITCOIN and WORLDCOIN which helps you to keep completely anonymous if wished. All they need is a legitimate email address. Insofar as your site does not damage Icelandic laws or their TOS, you will stay anonymous and secure with Orange Website as your Host.

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Liberty VPS

LibertyVPS.001Liberty VPS offers complete ANONYMITY.

Ranking: 4,5/5    

Their website is neither spectacular, nor is their range of website hosting bundles especially wide. But the whole web hosting service of Liberty VPS shouts FREEDOM or LIBERTY.

First of all, they accept BITCOIN. This is vital to their strategy to keeping your information  and data anonymous.

Liberty VPS does not ask for your name, address or oder individual data. They simply require an email address for administration purposes and to be able to let you know when you have to pay once more.

Their rates are really modest in the first place, with VPS facilitating beginning at under $ 20,–  a month.

The hosting company uses outsourced data centers in the Netherlands, which is basically one of the best nations for hosting a website. The only disadvantage of the Netherlands compared to Iceland or Norway is the fact, that they are part of the European Union, but they have some of the strongest laws to protect and secure websites in Europe.

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