Tecademics Review – Is it legit or a scam?

Have you been wondering whether Tecademics is worth the high price? Do you ask yourself whether this is a legit program or a big fat scam?

Many people (mostly affiliates) are promoting the program as a legitimate business opportunity whereas some people are saying that it is a scam.

Let us take a look at this educational program and find out what Tecademics is all about in order for you to make an informed decision whether to join the program or not.

Tecademics Review, is Tecademics legit or a scam?Name: Tecademics
Website: Tecademics.com
Founder: Chris Record
Type: MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
Rating: 4/10
Recommended: Somewhat

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What Is Tecademics?

Tecademics is an online business opportunity which belongs to the MLM niche.

Chris Record, the owner/CEO of Tecademics is well known in the online business world and has a positive reputation. 

Before Tecademics, he was one of the best affiliate marketers for Empower Network.

After his successful time with Empower Network, he launched different internet marketing courses of his own and put them on the market mainly through the JVZOO network.

One of his most successful marketing courses during that time was Dark Post Profits.

Chris Record was getting really good reviews over time from his students and subscribers and he certainly knows what he is doing online. With that being said, what is so special about Tecademics and what products are offered in the program?

Tecademics: Products Offered

Basically, there are 3 main products available within the Tecademics program: 

1. TEC or The Entrepreneurs Club: Price per month:  US$ 100,– 

This beginners course is meant for newbie online marketers who want to learn the basics of online marketing.

Within TEC you will find the following 2 further products: 

  •  TEC TV:
    This product has a weekly broadcast of interviews with industry leaders in online marketing.
    From these interviews you will learn much about online marketing (how to increase traffic, sales etc.) and gain insight on useful tools and tips in the industry.
  •  TEC Forum:
    This is a community of students. Bonus training sessions are included and with ongoing discussions, newbies can learn what is currently going on in the online marketing world. 
    Chris Record calls this forum a “Masterminding event”.

2. IMPACT or the impact membership: Price is US$ 2.000,–

The IMPACT membership is a study course for the home.  Chris Record and his team call this course “The Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing“.

The IMPACT membership is divided into 12 different modules including workbooks, video classes, and audio training to learn from. 

3. MASTERS: – Price is set at a one-time tuition fee of US$ 10.000,–

This high ticket membership offers 120 credit hours and allows 2 people to participate in the training. 

On average it takes about 2 years to fully complete this course. It can almost be considered a college education. 

During the second year, members have the opportunity to repeat previous year lessons.

The college course is quite intense and it is going to be very interesting to see how the Tecademics business will develop in the coming years.

These are the 3 different products that are offered by Tecademics. 

As Tecademics is considered to be a MLM-business, it will be very interesting to see their compensation plan.

Tecademics Compensation Plan

Affiliates of Tecademics are allowed to sell the 3 main products outlined above.

Affiliates of Tecademics are allowed to sponsor other affiliates in order to build up a big networking team.

The 3 products mentioned above are treated as separate tiers which means that affiliates are only allowed to promote the particular product if they are qualified for them.

This means, if you would like to promote Tecademics’ products as an affiliate, you would need to activate a product. The only way to activate a product is by buying it yourself or selling it to a customer.

40 % of the activation sale is earned by the affiliate who is the sponsor.

This would look as follows:

  • US$ 40,–/month for the TEC membership
  • US$ 800,– commission for the IMPACT membership
  • US$ 4.000,– commission for the MASTERS membership

If these sales have been activated, the commissions of the next 2 sales of any product on the appropriately qualified tier are split between you and your upline (20%/20%)

Accordingly, the commission would be half of the amount mentioned above.

  • US$ 20,–/month for the TEC membership
  • US$ 400,– commission for the IMPACT membership
  • US$ 2.000,– commission for the MASTERS membership

After making 3 sales on any tier, you will receive the full 40 % on the next 4 sales.

In summary, this means

  • 40 % commission on the first sale on any tier is an activation sale and is paid to the upline
  • 40% commission on the 2nd and 3rd sales are paid in half (20%/20%) to the affiliate and the upline.
  • 40% commission on the next 4 sales are paid in full to the affiliate
  • 40% commission on the fifth and every fifth sale thereafter are paid in half (20%/20%) to the affiliate and the upline.


Matching Bonus 

If you make the following earnings within 36 months, a matching bonus payout is made available:

  • As soon as an affiliate earns an amount of US$ 100.000,– in commissions, an additional bonus payout of US$ 100.000,– will be received.
  • As soon as an affiliate earns an amount of US$ 1.000.000,– in commissions, an additional bonus payout of US$ 1.000.000,– will be received.

Tecademics: Membership Price

There is a free version of the Tecademics educational program available which has lots of valuable information for a newbie in online marketing.

These are the prices for the 3 membership levels:

  • TEC: US$ 100 per month
  • IMPACT: US$ 2.000,–
  • MASTERS: US$ 10.000,–

For the amount of US$ 12.000,– you will get access to all the membership levels which includes IMPACT, MASTER and a whole year of TEC membership.

In case you would like to promote the TEC membership after one year, you would need to continue paying the additional US$ 100/month.

This is officially called ELITE FAM INSIDER.

Tecademics: Verdict

Tecademics is a full-time online marketing course in the MLM high ticket niche.

Overall, it is a legit business which is suited somewhat for newbies, but especially for more experienced marketers with a solid financial backing.

Chris Record is well known in the industry and certainly knows what he is doing with this online marketing course.

If you are an experienced internet marketer who wants to increase his sales and has enough financial means to invest in this program, then I would say, go for the Tecademics High Ticket program.

However, for those who are just starting out with a small budget, I would certainly not recommend that you join Tecademics.

The prices are absolutely far too high for the average person who wants to start an online business.

Instead of joining Tecademics, I highly recommend using this system, you will learn how to build a full-time income online by investing less than US$ 50 per month. In fact, you can try it out for free.

It is less complicated than any other system that I have tried online. It is especially newbie-friendly and anyone is able to start up and be successful with it.

All you need to do is to plug into the system and follow the step-by-step instructions which help you to start making online profits in any niche you like.

First, there is work involved to get results but anyone who puts in the effort first is getting great results after some time. It is not a get-rich-scheme but a completely legit way of making money online. Your earnings can even surpass the earnings which the Tecademics system promises you.

The online-community of my top #1 recommendation is there to help you instantly if questions come up. 

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You can join for free and try it out for free. No strings attached! 

Thank you for reading the Tecademics Review and I hope that I have helped you to get some clarification on the online course.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below this article.

2 thoughts on “Tecademics Review – Is it legit or a scam?”

  1. I’m familiar with Chris Record having bought a few of his products a year or so back. I can’t fault his enthusiasm for what he does but his training style didn’t suit me. That’s just a personal thing, not a comment on his professionalism and I regularly use his SmartMember product (fortunately I got in as a founder member).

    I do have reservations about MLM programs though, no matter who runs them. They typically rely on new members funding the commissions of those who joined before them (those higher up the food chain).

    Systems that require progressively higher payments to reach higher levels or get access to better benefits don’t sit well with me. I’ve had experience with several such programs down through the years and I lost money on every one of them.

    Could just be me being bad at the MLM model and I’m just not suited to it. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by and your comment on Tecademics. I can only agree with you concerning MLM programs. This kind of business model might suit some people (mostly the ones early in the program) but most people lose their hard earned money. So did I when I joined several of them over the past years.
      I can only say that I am glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate that helped me build a solid online business with Affiliate Marketing without having to buy several up-sells down the road in order to get access to additional training.

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