Wealthy Affiliate’s Step-By-Step Training Helped Me Build A $3,500 Per Month Online Business!

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Keep reading below to learn how exactly I generated this income.

Hey there!

I’m Ellie, and I will show you how a simple woman like myself figured out how to begin earning $3.500 a month online just by following a step-by-step training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Obviously,  the reason why you are here is, that you would like to learn how you could put some additional money in your pocket!

You most likely fell for online scams or ran over programs that guaranteed you lots of profit, yet ended up taking your hard earned money and wasting your time.

In case you have not been scammed online, but you ended up here to find out how to make money online the legit way, then pay close attention to my review of  Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ll explain everything about this program and how everything functions.

Please read below the complete introduction to the program that helped me to start earning money on the web.

Wealthy Affiliate review: is it legit or a scam

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing Training Platform with over 900,000 active members, which gives every person cutting-edge training in building an online business.

Within the platform, you are receiving expert help and guidance on how to build your own successful online business.

You will get access to recorded as well as live video classes that will instruct you on how to build your business step-by-step.  You will also get access to the founders of the program (Kyle & Carson) to ask them questions if needed.

The biggest benefit of this program, however, is the community of experienced entrepreneurs who are available 24/7 to ask questions in live chat if you ever get stuck with anything or need immediate help.

As the members are from all around the world,  there is always somebody online to ask questions. If Canada is sleeping, Australia is awake, and there are always people online as the community grew enormously over the past 12 years.

One of the core principals of the founders is, to help someone else along the way before getting something back. As members have been receiving assistance to build their online businesses, they are happy to pass on their gained knowledge and expertise to other members, thus creating a very positive atmosphere within the community. The community is especially Newbie-friendly.

Most of the video classes you’ll find within the program have been recorded by Kyle (one of the founders), who has set up different training modules and forums.

The training is very straightforward and easy to follow. Newbies, as well as experienced marketers, can profit from it.

How do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Here is the answer you have been waiting for!

With the Wealthy Affiliate training program, you will learn the following easy to follow steps to make money online:

  1. Choose an Interest

    The first step is simply selecting a topic that you are interested in, or also called a Niche.
    This Niche can be a hobby you have or something that you would like to learn yourself and can imagine passing it on to others.

    Very popular niches are:
    weight loss 
    – fitness 
    – healthy living
    – do it yourself hobbies like gardening
    – gadgets
    – fishing

    As easy at it sounds first, choosing the right niche for yourself is the most important step as this will be the foundation of your online business, and you will spend lots of time exploring the Niche and writing about it (or outsourcing the writing part).

    If you have a hobby, you are passionate about, that’s the subject to choose.

  2. Build a Website

    With the tools and training that Wealthy Affiliate provides, you’ll have a website up and live on the web in a couple of minutes!
    With the handy Site Rubix Builder, you can put your site online in 10 minutes without spending money on domain registration or a hosting platform.

    Don’t worry, putting a website together here is easy and taught step-by-step. You don’t need to know coding for it.

    I had no idea about building websites myself, but here you are today on one of my websites that I created just by following the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Attract visitors

    In this step, you will learn how to attract visitors by writing problem-solving articles within your chosen niche.

    People are looking for answers to their questions on the internet. With your niche website, you help them find a solution to their problem.
    You will learn how to write these articles so that people will find you in the world-wide-web (SEO-optimization). 

    You will learn how to find the right keywords for your texts and how to attract visitors with social media marketing such as Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

    Attracting visitors to your website thus generating traffic is the prerequisite for the next and most exciting step:

  4. Earn revenue
    Earning revenue is the step that gets everyone excited!

    In this step, you will learn how to monetize your website in adding affiliate products, ads, and many other things to your site to make money. Please read below how affiliate marketing works. 

    When everything is in place, the sky is the limit for your earning potential. You have to do the work only once, and the website keeps earning money over and over again.

    I can only tell you, that this is the easiest job you’re going to have that pays well! 

    What makes it even sweeter, is you have all the training and tools at your disposal, not to mention, my personal help whenever you need it.

Choose a name for a website and try it here completely free (no credit card needed!):

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Through product recommendations (or affiliate marketing), the site visitor is redirected to the actual sales page. If the visitor purchases a product on the sales page, the website owner who recommended the product in the first place will receive a commission in return. That’s how Affiliate Marketing works.

It is like in real life. If you find a great product, you will immediately share it with your friends, but you will not get a commission if they buy the product as a result.

It is different in online marketing. You do nothing else but recommending a product, which you are enthusiastic about, but get a commission for the recommendation. The buyer does not even have to pay a higher price for the goods. He pays the regular selling price. Therefore it’s a win-win-situation for both sides, the website owner as well as the visitor.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • No purchase of products required for you

  • No storage of any goods for you

  • Only internet access and laptop required

  • No writing and sending of invoices and reminders if the customer does not pay

  • You remain flexible locally

  • You can work when and where you want

  • Your income can rise infinitely

This way of making money got me excited after I had made several bad experiences with MLM’s (the products are still in the basement today) and Rev.-Share systems (money lost).

Are you interested in learning about Affiliate Marketing and making money online?

Create a Wealthy Affiliate account and check it out for free here:


My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since July 2015 and was at the time a total beginner regarding the creation of websites. Since then, I have built several sites using the videos, learning lessons and personal support from other members of the Wealthy Affiliate University and am earning my first money online besides working as a registered nurse part-time.

It took me about three months to make my first sale and about six months to make sales on a regular basis. Some people are much faster in building an online business than I was. The key is ENDURANCE and not giving up.

Here is a screenshot of one of my affiliate programs:

Previously, I had purchased several courses from internet gurus about earning money online and affiliate marketing – unfortunately with little success. All courses always helped one step further, and when a problem came up, there was no personal help available. The goal of those courses is always to sell additional products to the customers (“up-sell” or “sales-funnel“), to generate more revenue for the sellers.

When I surfed the Internet again searching for the legality of certain money-making platforms, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate.  I then searched for negative entries but only found positive reviews, which is quite surprising considering that this Canadian company already exists for over ten years and has more than 900,000 members.

Since I had the opportunity to try out the platform for free, I initially signed up for a Free Starter Membership, and immediately started with the 10 free videos of the starter course and followed the instructions step-by-step.

At the end of each course are small tasks, which must be accomplished and checked off. These tasks help not to miss any important aspect of building a great website.

Would you like to try it out and start earning money online? Sign up for free here ==>>.

What is included in the free Starter Membership?

After a successful registration, you get

  • 2 free Websites (WordPress platform)
  • 10 free Courses
  • Free Hosting and
  • 7 days completely free access to all tools (live chat etc.), which is available to all Premium Members.

10 free lessons Wealthy Affiliate

After 7 days the 2 free websites, the hosting and the access to the first 10 video tutorials remain available to you.

Only the Premium area will then be excluded. If you like the community and further courses, you can become a Premium Member, which is particularly favorable in the annual advance payment. The price is then reduced to less than $ 1,–/day.

If you want to remain a Starter Member, you can continue to work on your site with the help of the course. There is no need to upgrade.

The all-inclusive package that wealthy affiliate offers, I have found nowhere else. You do not need anything else for a successful start into the online business.

Learning platform, hosting, domain registration – everything is available on one platform. The start is completely free. There are no “up-sells” which is a huge PLUS. You don’t need to go Premium, but if you do, there will be no further sales within the platform. All tools or training made by Wealthy Affiliate or its members are included in the initial price.

This convinced me after one month to become a Premium Member because I can even host 50 websites for free and have many other advantages.

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

  • First module with 10 Basic Courses completely free

  • Free Membership possible, no need to upgrade

  • 2 websites completely free with Free Membership (free hosting!)

  • Website setup with “Site Rubix” for free members

  • Premium Members host 50 domains for free (25 Premium + 25 Site Rubix domains)

  • Certification Courses for Premium Members (5 levels with 10 courses each).
    You can do these courses at your own pace.

  • No programming skills required

  • Step-by-step video tutorials

    These video tutorials guide you from start to finish on how to create your online business!

    When you are going through each lesson, you will feel like someone is holding your hand and guiding you through it all.

    Watch the following tutorial: How to build a website in under 30 seconds:

  • Tasked based exercises after every video tutorial

  • 24 h live chat for questions or just to chat with members from all over the world

  • Blogging within the network possible (connect with entrepreneurs from all around the world!)

  • For Premium Membership monthly termination possible

  • Hosting the sites also outside of Wealthy Affiliate possible (costs, however !!!)

  • Link tracking for affiliate links

  • Free keyword research tool for website optimization (Keyword Tool)
    For your articles to be found on the web (visitors = money), they need to rank on the first page of the search engines.

    The free keyword tool tells you the average monthly searches, the traffic and the competition that you will encounter for a particular word.

    This free tool is a huge BONUS of Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Daily backup of your websites through Wealthy Affiliate

  • New: Beta version – the websites hosted at WA now load incredibly fast (very user-friendly since slow sites are not competitive)

  • After 3 months of Premium Membership, each Premium Member has the option to upload self-created, useful courses on relevant affiliate marketing topics, etc. to the platform and thus earn money from Wealthy Affiliate.

    Check out the tutorial of one of the WA-members:
    6 Ways to Earn money with your WordPress Blog>>

  • Weekly new live webinars where you can ask questions directly. The recordings can be watched later.

  • 13 virtual classrooms with different focus topics

  • Networking with thousands of successful internet entrepreneurs from all over the world

  • Over 500 learning modules

  • Spam-free forum

  • Possibility to write private emails to other members

  • A blogging tool for fast writing (Rapid Writer)

Overview: Difference between Basic and Premium Membership

Here is a brief overview of all tools and the differences between Basic and Premium Membership:


Considering what the cost of hosting websites is, this offer with integrated training and live support is a real bargain.

The negative of Wealthy Affiliate?

  • The platform is only in English (you should have at least basic knowledge of the language if you are not a native speaker)

  • Due to the flood of information, there is a danger that beginners feel completely overwhelmed. As a beginner, you have to follow the given steps in the videos strictly, and immediately ask questions in the chat if you get stuck.

  • The chat can be a real “waste of time” if you like to talk with people from all over the world and make contacts.

  • The free keyword research tool of Wealthy Affiliate is optimized for the English language. It only works for languages with latin letters (Chinese or Thai won’t be recognized). The keyword research tool KW-Finder = >>,  fortunately, works for almost all languages.

  • Wealthy Affiliate does not offer free access to people of some countries, as the removal of masses of spam from these countries caused an enormous amount of work and was intolerable.The following countries do NOT get free access:
    Philippines, Egypt, Bangladesh, parts of India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Nigeria.

  • Wealthy Affiliate is a SPAM-FREE ZONE.
    That means that you should never post your affiliate links within the community. If you communicate in private with someone on the platform, it is a matter between you two, but in chat or as a response on the public blog, your links are not welcome.
    That means: Learn on the platform and apply it on the website! 

  • The two free sites are Site Rubix domains (sub-domains of Wealthy Affiliate). They will look like this: nameofyourwebsite.siterubix.com.

  • For hosting premium domains (i.e., domains with the endings .com or .net such as nameofmywebsite.com), a Premium Membership is necessary.

  • Getting rich quickly without work does not function with affiliate marketing.

Who are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate?

Owners: Kyle & Carson, Canada
Year of foundation: 2005
Rating: 98/100 

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson (2 Canadians) with the aim of creating a platform that allows every beginner to learn how to build an online business with a website.

They began as students with the goal of making money on the Internet. When they succeeded, they gradually built this platform, where they passed on their knowledge to the members.

           Kyle with family

Kyle takes care of the training, while Carson is in charge of the technical aspects of the platform. Both are always available for direct inquiries.

Over the years, they have created a great community of online entrepreneurs who all like to share their knowledge.

They represent the philosophy that one must first give something, before getting something back. Despite their online success, the two have remained very modest and have created a great and very beneficial community of online entrepreneurs, who all like to pass on their expertise to others.

           Carson with family

Who will benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

  • People who want to work from home
  • All who want to build up an additional income
  • Pensioners who want to improve their small pension
  • Students who want to be able to finance their studies
  • Bloggers
  • Persons who wish to build up a residual income
  • Housewives
  • People who do not want to do MLM
  • Dropshippers
  • People who want to leave their current job

This business is for all those who are willing to work and learn the necessary skills to achieve their goals and do not give up immediately.

For whom is Wealthy Affiliate NOT the right platform?

  • People who are not willing to learn new things and focus on working
  • Individuals who do not have internet access or either a computer or a laptop
  • People who want to get rich on the web quickly (this does not work legally!)
  • All who do not understand English.
The internet is the market of the future. Everything is happening online now. If you want to profit from it and are willing to invest time for it, then
You will not regret it if you look back after a year and see your success.

How quickly do you earn money?

That depends on how much time you can invest. Some of the members made money after one month, some of them only after half a year.

Endurance is the key in this business. It is important to keep going and not giving up.

Many members on the platform manage to earn a full salary within half a year. As already mentioned, it is not a quick-rich-scheme. The necessary work must be done at the beginning. Later, you will receive passive income, and you can sit back and enjoy.

I can only say it is an indescribable sense of happiness when you earn your first commission and experience that “AHA moment” that it works indeed.

Once you can sell ONE product online, you can also sell many products.

With the knowledge that you can acquire at Wealthy Affiliate, you can not only build and design websites for yourself but also earn money with website building for others, e.g., small businesses, etc. You can also offer content marketing or social media campaigns for clients.


Basic Membership


$0 per month
  • 2 Websites and Hosting free
  • 10 Courses free
  • Personal support for 7 days included

Premium Membership


$27,50 per month - annual subcription
  • 50 Websites: free Hosting
  • Unlimited personal support
  • 500+ Courses and updates free

Premium Membership

$49 per month (first month $19)
  • 50 Websites: free Hosting
  • Unlimited personal support
  • 500+ Courses and updates free

Stop wasting your time, but start generating income for your future. Take the first step now; you will not regret it.

Step by step you will reach your goal of personal freedom. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll arrive, so do not hesitate any longer, you’ll only waste valuable days.

My name is Ellie, I’m looking forward to seeing you inside Wealthy Affiliate.