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Wealthy Affiliate

rsz_wa_website001Overall Ranking: 98/100
Category: Educational Online Programs
Price:      $ 0,00 Starter Membership
                $ 49,00/month Premium Membership (or $ 359,00/year)
Owners:   Kyle Loudon & Carson Lynn
Website:  www.wealthyaffiliate.com

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate ist an online training, support and educational platform that teaches people to create their own website properly and build an online business from scratch.

What is Wealthy Affiliate not?

WA is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme (it takes effort and determination to be successful with affiliate marketing). It’s not a MLM-Company, a Click-Ads-to-Get-Rich-Scheme or any other Get-Rich-Quick-Opportunity that is searching for victims in the online world.

What are the positive points of Wealthy Affiliate?

  • 10 free courses (Starter Membership)
  • 2 free websites (WordPress)
  • Personal support by 100.000+ international community members 24/7
  • Unlimited amount of websites (Premium Membership)
  • Spam free environment
  • Fast hosting and security
  • Direct communication with the owners possible (chat)
  • No up-sells, everything is included in the Premium Membership
  • Ability to take the classes at your own speed

What are the negative points of Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Basic knowledge of English is required
  • Unlimited amount of websites only available when going Premium
  • It takes effort, determination and time to build a business
  • For beginners it can be a bit overwhelming with all the new information when they start

Who is it for?

It is for people who want to earn money through Affiliate Marketing and

  • are beginners in setting up a website or in affiliate marketing
    The training is explained step by step. They take you by the hand and help you set up your first own website and show you how to monetize it.
  • have already some affiliate marketing experience and want to become experts
    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely for intermediates because you will deepen your knowledge in website-building and particularly marketing it which is the premise for a lucrative business.
  • are experts at affiliate marketing
    New training material is permanently provided.
  • who want to build a business without investing money

The last point is very important for many people because you can have everything (website, hosting) in no time and earn some extra money from it without spending a single cent.

No credit card, no bank details necessary!


WA offers video training, tutorial training and task based courses. There are over 1000 training modules within WA on every relevant topic. The live chatroom is available 24/7.

The training teaches you

  • the process of affiliate marketing
  • how to set up your own website
  • how to choose a niche
  • how to find the right keywords to get ranked with Google
  • how to get your own domain
  • how to create content and write a blog
  • how to find products and companies you can promote
  • how to apply Google Adsense
  • and much more

Get an idea about the training  (how to build a free website with SiteRubix):

how to make money


WA offers different tools to help you build your website without sell-up:

  • SiteRubix site builder Tool
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Cloud Based Hosting
  • Access to countless website templates and themes
  • Ability to add countless plugins to your website and much more

Support offered:

  • Hosting of your domains
  • Technical support
  • Chat 24/7 for asking questions at the community
  • Website reviews
  • Personal support by the owners


Click here to compare the free Starter Membership with the Premium Membership.

The free Starter Membership comes with a Boot Camp Course that takes you through the required steps to get you to the point of having your self-created site live on the web and ready to earn some extra money online.

The Starter Membership is completely FREE.

No need of a credit card or bank account!

The Premium Membership package  includes all the necessary tools, training, hosting etc. that you need. You won’t need to buy extra guides or training material anywhere else any more and thus you save a lot of money and time in the long term.

Personal opinion:

For me personally it was a no brainer to upgrade to Premium after finishing the Starter Membership as I experienced all the benefits of the helpful community within Wealthy Affiliate. I was on a beginners’ level in internet marketing and the fact, that I got answers to my questions within a minute completely convinced me of the excellent quality of service that WA offers.

At first the huge amount of information was almost a bit overwhelming but the fact that I could review the videos and trainings as often as I wanted and take my time helped me a lot. Even being a non-native English speaker is not a hinderance to achieving my goals with WA. The English in the videos is very easy to understand and people within the community help out in every way they can. It’s so amazing and I am so glad I found WA after such a long time searching for a good program and spending lots of money on useless books that don’t keep what they promise.

I believe you won’t regret it, if you give it a try and at least take a look inside (without credit card of course!)

If you would like to have more information or if you have questions, feel free to leave me a message below. I will be answering you as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review”

    • Hello Nigel,
      thank you very much for your comment. Yes you are right, the community within WA is outstanding. I wish you great success with your business!

  1. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for this great read on Wealthy Affiliate.
    I enjoyed your perspective, as an American, English has always been my 1st language so it is easy to take it for granted, sadly a bit arrogant in retrospect.

    The reason I even mentioned this was because your 1st WA Negative Point was the Basic Understanding of English. I wonder if Kyle and Carson were from Quebec would it all be in French? ;-}

    I also appreciate your honesty when you discuss your move to Premium.
    I think anyone that approaches the online world as a serious way to Safely Earn Online should in fact follow your advice and path for WA has also served me very well.
    Great job and I loved the rest of your site as well, my best,

    • Hello Gary,
      thanks for visiting my website. Am glad Kyle and Carson are not from Quebec;-) I saw that you’ve been a member already for quite some time which is a great confirmation that the training of Wealthy Affiliate is really worth it.

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